day of workshops:night of fun!!

November 15, 2007 at 12:50 am (day of action, Sydney Action Meeing)

1st December, 197 Wilson Street, Newtown!

1pm workshop – ‘Safer Space’ practical skillshare and discussion on why creating safer spaces is crutial to responding to sexual assault

3pm workshop – ‘Consent’ talking about boundries and how consent can be fun.

‘stop the silence’ poster project launch! there will be heaps of posters for people to take home and poster their area!!
also- a consentual kissing booth!! hott! hott dj’s!

The issue of sexual assault has been repeatedly squashed and pushed aside by the government and legal system. As a society on a whole we are given two options for response – report to the police and be forced to relive our experiences and then fit it into a ridgit definition of what sexualy assualt is legally. This is not good enough!!
As a society, lets create safer spaces for people to live in, and create other processes, new models of support. Lets learn together!! We need each other!


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