Sydney Actions

October 25, 2007 at 5:34 am (community response, day of action, Sydney Action Meeing)

A group had a meeting in Sydney on the 24th october to disscus plans for the day of action in Syney.

We thought of some really great ideas of what we are going to do on and surrounding 30th Novebever (day of action). like;

  • Event– for the 1st December.An afternoon of discussions. 1)planing a safer spaces policy, 2) supporting survivors, 3)consent. Then at night have performances/spoken word, an art exhibition, stalls with info zines and other resources.
  • Poster Project-to design and print a series of posters to put in communities, cafe’s, activist spaces, work places, everywhere. Topics will include survivor support, using child sexual assault in the NT as a Trojan horse for the racist land grab, myths surrounding sexual assault. Make the posters available on the internet so people can download them and stick them around their area’s!
  • Radio Interviews- try and talk about why the day of action was called, what is going on around the globe on that day, and how different communities that are choosing to deal with sexual assault issues outside of the legal system, and why.
  • Press Release- send out to all media. Informing people about the Day Of Action.articles about the invasion on the military in the NT. Maybe an interview with people who are using ‘community response’ as a way to try and combat sexual assault in their communities.
  • Resource Packages– send packages with zines(concerning sexual assault, consent, support, where resources are available), letters and posters to youth community centers in rural areas.

If you want to get involved with these action, email


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