melbourne meeting

October 23, 2007 at 2:25 am (community response, day of action, melbourne action)

last week we had the first meeting to organise what is going on in melbourne.

 these are the things we all wrote about what the day meant to us:

because we never talk about sexual assault, and when we do we blame the survivor/victim and we dont talk about how this entire society is structured to discredit, shut up, re-traumatise her/him. especially the police/legal system. in spite of all the failings of society for victims/survivors we refuse to respond to it as a society and as communities. by “we” i mean we as a society. BUT ALSO BECAUSE IT DOESN”T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

stopping sexual assault/harrasment by raising awareness of the effects of our actions on other people, the many different actions which can scar people, what consent means, etc. questioning society’s assumptions of what it means to be safe.

hearing voices that are not heard, that are constantly silenced by lack of support, by law, by lack of community. empowering those survivors and survivor supporters that there are other people who give a shit and actually want to create communities with no sexual assault and awesome supporters!

visibility of survivors, healing and empowerment, opening discussions about this stuff which is never talked about, community response is usually invisible so getting it talked about, thought about, starting discussions, starting action. sharing resources, information, learning, about sexual assault, consent, support, perpetrator response…. this is direct action

bring everyone with us who can’t won’t wouldn’t, skillshare and heal, be able to say that they were assault, safer spaces so people can recognise and participate, less assault and more autonomy


we are going to have a speak out in melbourne. an open stage. for sharing stories, for sharing whatever. and a picnic afterwards. for talking, and healing. we are going to do a newspaper, with contributions from whoever. about assault, support, community response, myths, consent. we want to go on the radio. try to be in magazines. we want to be seen.

the meeting was exciting. but it was small. competing with other skillshares/meetings, about other things. that somehow always seem to be more important. only one male came. disappointing, but unsuprising? but no matter how small, no matter who comes. this is exciting, and amazing. stand up and be heard, be seen. take notice.



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