Women for Wik Discussion 14th October

October 8, 2007 at 12:39 am (northern territory)

Are you concerned about what is happening to Indigenous communities in the NT and would like to hear the views of women working there?

Come and meet three women at the heart of the NT intervention and hear what is really happening and what is needed. Meet Olga Havnen, national Indigenous leader from the newly formed Combined Aboriginal Organisations, Eileen Cummings, former advisor to the Chief Minister of NT on Aboriginal and Women’s  Affairs  and her  daughter Raylene Rosas. The event will be chaired by Dr Anita Heiss, novelist and social commentator, Vice-Chair of the Australian Society of Authors.

The justification for the Federal intervention is to protect the Indigenous children in the NT so we need to make sure that this is what happens. Can the present and proposed approaches adequately serve the needs of the women and children in the NT who need help? Or are there serious flaws in the approach?

Women for Wik has been re-established to provide support for the women in the NT who have been working on these issues for some time and to assist them in monitoring what is happening.

We therefore invite you to join us for a meeting
between 2- 4 pm on Sunday 14th of October
at the Australian Hall
150-152 Elizabeth Street, Sydney.

This venue has been selected because is symbolic as well as convenient. It was the venue for the first national Aboriginal civil rights gathering
the Day of Mourning and Protest Conference
on the 26 January 1938.


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